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Yvette Fouche, Pretoria East

Hi I would just like to say I have epilepsy and have truly been going a hard time with auras and my body burning out with my strong meds that I have been on the last 3 years. I descoverd your product one day I must say after the fist 2 weeks of drinking the poweder I started feeling better sleeping better and for the first time since having epilepsy I feel like my self again. My leg cramps are gone I don’t feel like I am in a tunnel anymore I am more awake than ever before. I went to my neurologist for my check up and he told me that that I looked so great and my scores went up so many points I am allowed to drive again. I believe it’s all thanks to moringa.


Lee Peacock, Hout Bay, Cape Town

2 weeks taking the Moringa Leaf powder and I am 90% already pain free from joint /muscular pain and arthritus! Akan Natural Moringa Products.

I am in awe of this products and Akan is Hout Bay based as well!

I am so amazed and thankful for this product. I am just so grateful for what it has done for me. I have been in so much pain for the past 4 years when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and Osteo arthritus in both my hips and now going into my 3rd week of using the powder I am 90% pain free. I believe the powder provided my body with exactly what it needed which no anti flammotory meds could provide!


Organic Living in Constantia, Cape Town

A client from Organic Living in Constantia reports back, “Since I started taking Akan Moringa my energy levels have soared and to my surprise my hair is growing faster. However what I find the most amazing is that my moods are much more stable. This has made a huge difference to my life. I have now started my son who suffers from ADD on the moringa and look forward to observing the results.”  ‪#‎AkanMoringa‬


Natalie Agu Ruiters, Southfields, Cape Town

“I suffer from ME which effects my muscles and means that I suffer chronic pain. I have tried so many natural herbal remedies that only partially help. Since I started taking Akan Moringa just a week ago I have experienced instant relief of pain! It is absolutely amazing, I have more energy and it clears my brain fog leaving me feeling so much better. My husband noticed that it is even clearing my acne!”


Frances Burls, Stanford, Western Cape

“Since using Akan Moringa my energy levels are really boosted! What was really interesting too is that my mood has improved so much. I usually experience really terrible PMS and my family has to be very wary around me. Now I hardly even notice any PMS symptoms, I just start menstruating and am totally taken by surprise!I have also been giving my son the powder and our immunity is so strong that when I contracted a very bad cold and my son was also very ill our recovery time was amazingly fast. I highly recommend Akan Moringa.”


Diana Roig, Special Needs Teacher, London, UK.

“I used to be so exhausted when I come home from work that I used to flop onto the coach and fall asleep straight away for a couple of hours. Since using Akan Moringa I have so much more energy that I don’t even feel the need to sleep in the afternoons anymore!”


Chris Browne, London, U.K

“I suffer from chronic joint pain, but since taking Akan Moringa for about 2 days I have stopped using my pain medication and I haven’t used it for 3 weeks since!”


Diana The Allergen Baker, Cape Town


Why do I drink Akan Moringa Tea?

It’s not black tea its green, it has no after taste, no wait it has a bite to it if you brew it for too long and I like it. The journey with this tea started because it was different but slowly I realised that I no longer needed all the oils I was taking and had forgotten to buy without realising they were missing.  My hands no longer need all the cream and protection that was necessary.

As a baker to people with food allergies cleanliness is paramount to keeping our bakery’s standards and I found that washing my hands every hour and sterilising every time I moved from one section to the next (sometimes 8 or 12 times in one hour) was taking all the natural oils out of my body and after work it took a fair amount of lotion to get hands that were acceptable for a female, in fact for anyone.  Slowly through a series of action diaries – I keep food diaries in order to eliminate any possible contamination with food I eat, I have celiac disease and can not eat wheat or gluten – I realised that as I increased the amount of Moringa tea I drank so my hands were able to manage all the cleaning without any hardness, flakiness or roughness so now it is an essential part of my daily intake of supplements.

I have tried other Moringa Tea brands but have found that the taste was really not to my likening as it was unpleasantly bitter and the after taste was metallic. Hence I now only use Akan’s tea.

I have trouble with my voice and find that if I put it under strain the moringa tea helps to soothe and get it back on the right track.


Chrysi and Nikos, Greece

After I ordered products I went back to GREECE and gave them as a present to my mother and my son. My son is very careful with his diet and exercised daily. After using the powder he was very happy with the energy level had even after a very grueling program. Even my mother felt her own energy levels to soar despite the great of age. My husband uses soap on a daily basis and (so strange as it may sound) after 2 months of use on head saw new hair on bald spots on the head! Ι couldnt believe it in the beggining! But I see it with my own eyes .. We are now strong supporters of these astonishing product. Thank you


Alister DreamWilder

Endurance Athlete/Trail Runner, Cape Town & The World

“The best sustaining energy for an adventure ultra trail runner …..Akan Moringa has not only maintained my physical vitality but I am able to perform at optimum when I need it most!! thank you Akan Moringa for your amazing lifestyle product :):) “

Good morning World :):) stripped the flesh off my feet so am a bit bandaged so have to hang out with my Vespa mate today …. Just created a a great recovery drink yesterday …Just a tea spoon a day of Akan Moringa is a magical healing plant that I have been living on for the last month. (Mood) feeling “Moringa “strong. Blended with banana, Spirulina ,Chia and Makka makes a great recovery drink. Just got news that I get to run with one of my great Inpirations on Sunday a Dessert Italian champ known as Paolo Barghini.


Gerhard Ryksen, Bloemfontein

“When I started taking Akan Moringa Tea 3 weeks ago I was very run down. Now I have so much energy, I am feeling so awake! I wake up so alert in the morning that my wife says I am a different person!


Lungiswa Sinyanya

Shop Assistant, Phillipi Cash & Carry

“Before I was introduced to Akan Moringa I was using Spirulina as a supplement, I used to get tired a lot and my feet also used to be very painful. On the left side of my stomach I used to have pain. When I started using Moringa the pains stopped and I have so much energy, I don’t get tired anymore. My skin appearance has also improved”


Andrea, Owner at Fiddlesticks, Hout Bay, Cape Town

“I am quite an undisciplined eater and I like junk food. Since I have been taking Akan Moringa I experience such a sense of general well-being and I have much more energy. It actually encourages me to eat more healthily. I am much less likely to indulge in junk food.”


Rina Fick Swanepoel – Administrator Recovery Books – Cape Town

I have been using your Akan Moringa powder for 6 weeks, I am usually very sceptical about new products! Well, after 2 weeks I have a little more energy, not feeling tired at work and wanting to sleep when I get home. Thank you! I will keep on using it.


Neville Mitchell – Artisan – Cape Town

I broke out in a cold sweat, felt light-headed and being a diabetic and minus my meds my wife prepared a cup of Akan Moringa Tea and within half an hour I felt better.


Richard Gaisie Co Owner, Akan Natural Moringa Products

From personal use and experience, I know that Moringa is a breakthrough in the prevention of a Sickle Cell crises and treatment of Sickle Cell Disease while helping with pain relief, as it helps to oxygenate the blood and reduce inflammation. I have used Moringa leaf powder on a number of occasions for pain relief which has made a huge difference, completely eradicating the pain in 10 – 15 mins, although due to it’s all round wellbeing effect from daily intake it’s very rear that I need to take it for symptoms of pain. Another very interesting experience was the results from a 6 month follow up assesment after having laser treatment for hemorrhaging at the back of my right eye. The specialist was completely taken aback by the healing as he was expecting to still see some bleeding and have to continue with more laser treatment. He enquired as to what I have been doing, as the back of my eye was looking very clear and healthy. I told him about Moringa and explained to him the health benefits, he was amazed to hear about the high nutritional values in Moringa leaves, especially the high concentration of vitamin A, anti-inflammatories as well as antioxidants and phytochemicals (plant compounds that effect human health).

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