How To Use Our Moringa Leaf Powder

There are many ways to take Moringa leaf powder. It can be added to smoothies or sprinkled over a bowl of fruit, mix and use as a salad dressing or over oatmeal/porridge. Some like to add it to their evening meal, but we would advise not to cook it but sprinkle on food before serving so as to retain all the nutrients.

Great In Smoothies, Yoghurt, Porridge, Soups, Salads & Stews

It’s Simple…

Simply add 1 Daily Serving Sachet to your smoothie, yoghurt, porridge, soup, salad or stew etc.

Our Moringa sachets are very convenient to take to work or use at home, this way you will always remember to take your Moringa. Take One-a-Day Everyday to boost your immune system. Click below to buy Organic Moringa Leaf Powder.

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or view our Berry Blaze smoothie video at bottom of page.

Moringa is Ideal for Vegans & Vegetarians as a good source of plant based protein.

Being plant based protein Moringa is the ideal way for vegans & vegetarians to receive the important proteins that the body needs, the Essential Amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body and has to be found in ones diet, so by adding Moringa into your daily regimen you can be sure your body receives the right amount of proteins that it needs while boosting your immune system at the same time. First hand plant based proteins also assimilate into the body much easier than second hand sources of protein, the Benefits of Moringa are endless.

47 Antioxidants – 36 Anti-inflammatories – 25 Vitamins & Minerals –

27% Plant-based protein – All essential Amino Acids

Moringa Veggie Capsules

Our Moringa Veggie Capsules gives you the same High Quality Moringa leaf powder for those ON THE GO. Feel energized every day with our 180 capsules which are a Full Month supply taking 3 capsules twice a day.

‘The essential amino acids that we cannot produce, their presence but also their ratio, is very beneficial and it is estimated that this ratio is very good for absorption and being bio-available for our bodies’.

Click the below link for Q&A with Monica G. Marcou

Monica G. Marcou, P.hD. (Clinical Pharmacologist) – Scientist, Researcher & Author

Recipe Idea: Berry Blaze Smoothie

1 Banana, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1Tbls honey, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1 cup ice, 1 sachet Akan Moringa powder

Duration: 3 minutes

Servings: 1-2

Time Of Day: Anytime