Akan Recipes

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Here Are A Few Great Recipes To Try Out - Feel Free To Send Us Your Favorite Recipes Smoothie Bowl Blend pineapple, banana, almond or coconut milk, oats and a single serving sachet of Akan Moringa. A drizzle of honey … Continued

Moringa For Athletes

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MORINGA PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN ATHLETIC RECOVERY & MENTAL STIMULATION SOUTH AFRICAN BEACH VOLLEYBALL TEAM PIERANGELI/SITTIG Akan Moringa are proud sponsors of South African Beach Volleyball Team Pierangeli/Sittig AKA @beachLuSim who compete in the FIVB World Tour international events. … Continued

Moringa & Pregnancy

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Research shows the enormous benefits that Moringa offers to pregnant and nursing mothers. Moringa supplies nutrients for the whole family.

Moringa and Weight Loss

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As a nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, I firmly believe that weight loss starts with a healthy, well-rounded Alkaline Diet and exercise, but there are a few superfoods that have been studied and used traditionally for hundreds of years and show promise for helping to support your weight management goals!